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Scoot Airways Flight schedules are returning to normal in New York, and many other places in the Northeast.  Many airways are positive that they can clear out their backlogs of marooned passengers as routine operations commence. Hard hit areas particularly New York was provided with additional flights by the airways in an effort to help stranded passengers embark on their destinations.

Kent Powell, American Airlines Spokesman said in an email to Today in the Sky that in the last couple of days, they have been able to add extra flights in and out of cities where the numbers of stranded travelers was immense. He added that this had considerably lessened the standby lists. And that in most markets now, there are available seats in and out of the markets most affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Powell went on to say that the biggest portion of stranded passengers are those trying to fly from New York. However, he added that the backlog will begin to free up after the next day’s schedule. JetBlue, which runs its biggest hub in New York JFK and its second biggest in Boston, said that it had added eight ad hoc flights to its Friday schedule to help free up its backlog. All of which operated at New York, moving passengers to or from destinations such as Orlando, St. Thomas, Fort Lauderdale and San Juan.

Jet Blue spokeswoman, Jenny Dervin said that the unscheduled flights came just when JetBlue’s JFK schedule was running at only around 61% of normal on Thursday. This is because many customers had rebooked or postponed their travel arrangements; however, regardless of the fact that the carrier was partially operational, this did not add to the carrier’s stranded-flier backlog, which according to Jenny Dervin is lessening. She told Today in the Sky that the airway was hopeful that they were going to be able to rebook or else assist the affected customers the following week.

Todd Lehmacher, US Airways spokesman told Today in the Sky that the country’s number 6 carrier list of travelers stranded by Hurricane Sandy was lessening at a fast pace. Lehmacher went on to say that their operation was looking good in regards to the backlog. And since they were also not seeing much demand on the West Coast, they have decided to return East.

Nevertheless, Lehmacher said that if the US Airlines has an area of concern in regard to flight schedule, it is at LaGuardia. The airway, which just resumed flights, could cancel them due to fuel shortages, and the ongoing airfield maintenance following the floods, which covered runways. However, Lehmacher said that outside of New York, the US Airways operation was good and that 88% of the flights were right on schedule as of today starting 10 a.m.

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