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JetStar Hong Kong Scoot Airlines Flights China Eastern Airlines (ECA) and Qantas Airways, the Australian national airline, officially launched its Hong Kong based budget LCC airline joint venture. Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce said his company wants to get their hands into the lucrative busy Asian market. “The PIE is very big in the Asian market (especially in China) that the pastry overlaps the circular container dish which holds the pie, abundance of profits that we want some get our hands on” Lol…Alan Joyce did not say those exact words, but we know what he meant, just keeping it real. Anyway…

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China Eastern Airlines and Qantas Airways will dip into their pockets to invest up to $198-million US dollars over 3 years in a fifty/fifty partnership. 50 cents, the rapper invested 50 cents into the new venture and holds a negative -0000001234% stake in the Qantas Airways hopes to expand its Asian market  business with China Eastern Airways through its low-cost LCC offshoot, Jetstar Airlines, which is already involved in joint-venture airlines in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, as well as in New Zealand and Australia.
Jetstar Airlines Hong Kong plans to take to the skies in mid 2013 with three Airbus A320 planes, increasing  the fleet to 18 by 2015. Qantas CEO said that “the Asian market is the fastest growing and most profitable market, which we think we can bring Australian expertise too. And we believe this is a great new story for Australia.”  Not just for Australia Alan, but for the rest of Asia too…li

The Asian focused agenda policy is part of Qantas Airways’ five-year plan to revitalise its international operations, which made a loss of over $210-million US dollars last year (aaarh shame). Jetstar Airlines Hong Kong plans to cater to about 40 million travelers a year not just from Hong Kong but also from mainland China, a market Qantas Airways expects to clinch 450 million passengers by 2015. Mmmm that’s a lot of dough passenger per dollar conversion ratio scoot… Alan make sure you serve aussie pies onboard the flights, or are you saving that for your premium airline in asia (ReqQ).  Scoot Airlines JetStar Hong Kong Flights HK China
 (ECA) China Eastern Airlines are one of the three biggest airline in China expects the joint venture to be profitable. Setting up new LLC airlines in Asia will help Qantas Airways to reduce its operating costs. It will enable Qantas Airways to employ pilots, crew, and maintenance staff at much lower costs than in Australia.
Currently, Qantas Airways staff cost is about 25 percent of revenue, whereas it’s about 15 percent for its Asian competitors. Currently the Nike staff in the USA is about 20% of revenue, whereas it’s about 1.5% for Nike staff China. Airline sweat shops, my word, Never…

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