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Scoot Airlines Tianjin to Singapore Flights (China)
Singapore low cost budget carrier Scoot Airlines, SIA fully-owned subsidiary, will start flying to Tianjin from Singapore in August 2012 as its scoot's first step into China's market.The medium-to-long-haul airline operator also said it will be adding two more Singapore-China flights before the end of 2012. Beijing China's capital will not be one of the cities (for now) but maybe later.

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Scoot Airlines CEO said Scoot will service China's secondary cities (yet still lucrative) markets that are not substantial enough to be served by its full-service mother company Singapore SIA . Tickets reservations to Tianjin will go on sale in a few weeks coming

Scoot Airways, which was launched in 2012, said 17,000 seats of its $88 Singapore Sydney flights were sold like hot cakes online within the first 9 hours of sale. The unrivalled deal, which was announced today, means that Singaporeans will be able to fly into to China (Honk Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Guangzhou and Xiamenthe) for the same price as counter part travellers from China. The move will stimulate bother China and Singapore's economy during the cities lower seasons.

The lucrative Scoot Airlines agreement opens up China to Singapore's vast international connections, including flights to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US. ( SIA) Singapore Airways currently flies to 60 cities and 30 countries. It is also s understood the scoot airlines will be looking to fly to Taipei, Japan and Thailand.

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