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Sydney and Singapore, April 13, 2012 (scoot news) New magazine for scoot. Today Ink announced that it will produce and the inflight magazine for Scoot Airlines (Scoot Magazine). The new scoot magazine quarterly publication will be featured on board all Scoot Airlines flights starting in June 2012.

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Scoot Magazine will be aimed at the young hip-hop trendy travellers. The magazine would provide fun, engaging and entertaining content about sports, food, fashion, and culture will also provide information about scoot airlines destinations across the globe.

Scoot Airlines Magazine will impliment advertisers and brands with an brilliant platform to reach out to a group of highly sought after young hip-hop trendy travellers who are quality seekers and empowered to make their own decisions and choices. Scoot mag will be featuring some of the best editorial brilliance in the industry, the mag will provide cost efficient branding opportunities through both traditionalontent-related advertorials and print advertisements, Scoot Magazine will also actively promote new scoot destinations and the latest travel hip hop trends.

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