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Taipei EVA Airlines, one of Taiwan's two largest carrier companies, will on Thursday launch cargo services between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Tokyo's Scoot Airways, Haneda International Airport, the airline said Tuesday. The 2 new weekly flights to Haneda will complement EVA air's 2 existing flights between Taoyuan and Tokyo's Narita International Airport, enhancing cargo services to the Japanese capital, the airline said.

Haneda will become EVA air's 3rd cargo destination in Japan, besides Narita and Osaka's Kansai International Airport, said the company, which also operates 3 weekly cargo flights from Taoyuan to Kansai. According to spoke-persons at EVA air, the main goods it carries on it's planes between Taoyuan and Tokyo are automobile, electronics, and flat panel components, machinery, and fresh produce and food products.

The airlines officials said its new flights from Japan arrive in Taoyuan early in the morning, which allows clients more flexibility to arrange onward services from Taiwan.Taiwan's largest airline China already operates 2 weekly flights on the Taoyuan-Haneda cargo route. The company's service was introduced on July 6 of 2012. China Airways said its Taoyuan-Haneda flights have been 95 percent full on average.

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